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We believe that virtual worlds will be an important mass media in the 21st century, and want to enable people to build diverse types of interactive worlds and apps.

Though originated in games, the ultimate value of virtual worlds is to break boundaries in time and space, linking the cultures and lives of people.

We thus try to lower the barriers to develop virtual worlds and apps with ImonCloud, which is a scalable backend for interactive games and apps with the following features:

  • write app/game-logic scripts only, we take care of networking and scalability issues
  • a browser-based online script editor for interactive scripting
  • dynamic script reloading to update or debug the logic without restarting the server
  • server based on node.js
  • database based on MongoDB
  • communication layer based on VAST

Coding can be fun, but coding mundane aspects can be boring, while coding for an infrastructure can be hard. When you're developing your next killer-app or games, you want to create your thing fast and lean, but in a good way (that is, efficient and robust).

Enter ImonCloud.

ImonCloud allows you to do only two things essential to your interactive app or game: the "client" (whether it be Web, Flash, Mobile, or PC-based), and the "logic" (rules for making it tick).

No need to worry about the rest, we take care of networking and scalability issues, and deployment in the cloud.

How do we do it?

Our server is based on node.js, so you write your logic in javascript, which is easy to write / debug / maintain. We provide libraries for accessing database, and object/entity/state management.

We provide various client-side bindings (Unity3D and Flash, for example), so you can define your own client-side events and updates, without having to worry about serialization / de-serialization over the network.

A scalable spatial publish / subscribe (SPS) communication layer exists at the server. So your logic can perform traditional topic-based publish / subscribe (that is, chatroom-like pub/sub), but also spatial pub/sub (for example, get all people within a 100 meter radius), without having to worry about performance or scalability. This layer is based on the open source VAST project.

So by writing just the client and logic, you focus on your app or game, developing in shorter iterations.

Interested to know more? Please visit the official website.

Storage:stores persistent script and data
Comm:performs interest management
App:executes game/app-logic scripts
Lobby:handles system-wide functions
Entry:accepts client connections
Monitor:monitors server liveness


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