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We believe that virtual worlds will be an important mass media in the 21st century, and want to enable people to build diverse types of interactive worlds and apps.

Though originated in games, the ultimate value of virtual worlds is to break boundaries in time and space, linking the cultures and lives of people.

To lower the barriers to develop virtual worlds and apps, we design ImonCloud, based on over 10 years of scalable online game research.

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What’s ImonCloud?

ImonCloud is a complete solution for the efficient development and deployment of online games and virtual worlds. Developers can develop online games faster, and deploy them easier with the ImonCloud platform.

At its core, ImonCloud is a game logic “execution environment,” where developers create and run their JavaScript-based game logic without having to worry about the numerous mundane and engineering issues such as how to handle secure client-server communications, or the integration with third party services (e.g., payment and social networks), or how to scale their games to millions of concurrent users.

Our service extends beyond the development stage and provides an integrated way to deploy your code during operations as well. Developers can start / stop / monitor servers using a web interface at ease, and control the place and number of servers being deployed. Real-time dynamic load balancing allows servers be added or removed according to current loading.

ImonCloud comes with a browser-based online code editor, which allows developers to make quick fixes to live running game logic and see the results immediately. No need to upload files -> restart servers -> reload game states any more, all the game states are retained even while the game logic is being modified. Development or bug-fixing iterations can go much faster.

ImonCloud is free to use during development, you only need to pay during your “deployment” stage, when the game is in operations. Only when you have real users and real server requirements, will you need to rent the servers hosting your games from us. We will assist you to make the best deployment options to minimize both the latency and costs of running your games.

What problems does ImonCloud try to solve?

Nowdays it’s getting easily and cheaper to build games by small teams or even individuals. However, it’s still not easy to make networked or multi-player games. Usually at least 1 to 2 full-time developers are needed to do server programming and management. ImonCloud allows developers to only write the core “game logic” in JavaScript (an easy-to-learn language that almost all web developers know), while ImonCloud takes care of everything else.

These include:

  • the communication between client and server
  • the management and hosting of the servers
  • the integration with 3rd party services such as social networks or payment systems
  • the selection of the deployed server sites
  • the scaling of the concurrent user size (from tens to millions)
Following is a list of ImonCloud features:

Development Stage Features

  • connectivity (low-latency client-server communications via socket / websocket / REST)
  • security: secure client-server socket or HTTP communications
  • storage of game states / player behavior logging (DB)
  • multi-user interaction (message forwarding, e.g. chatroom)
  • arbitrator functions (the “judge” of your game events / actions, Ex: anti-cheating function)
  • 3rd party integration (payment, social network services, in-app purchase)
  • live debugging: game logic scripts can be modified and reloaded in real-time

Deployment Stage Features

  • selection of hosting sites
  • control for server start/stop control
  • monitoring of server stat and health
  • automatic scaling of the number of deployed servers and their load balancing

Who should use ImonCloud?

ImonCloud is for game developers with a need to rapidly add multi-player or server-side functionalites to their existing or future games. It frees you from requiring to know complex server-side knowhow, and managing your servers. If you know only how to develop client code or want to focus on your “game logic” instead of handling all the mundane / time-consuming enginneering aspects of server/multi-player development, then ImonCloud is for you.

The goal of ImonCloud is to shorten the time needed for building and deploying an online game. Developers who are under limited budget and time, and need to create games that have specific design / market / monatzing goals, will find ImonCloud most useful.

Interested to know more? Please visit the official website.

Storage:stores persistent script and data
Comm:performs interest management
App:executes game/app-logic scripts
Lobby:handles system-wide functions
Entry:accepts client connections
Monitor:monitors server liveness


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