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We've collaborated with game developers, hardware manufacturers, and social enterprises on various online / cloud projects. Below are past and current projects either developed with ImonCloud technologies or deployed on ImonCloud hosting services.

[Development & Hosting] ezCare is a video-based remote interaction system for elders (a "Skype" for elders). It's designed so that elders can stay connected with family, social workers, or even have remote classes or consultations, without knowledge of computers or mobile phones.


[Hosting] FunLot is a social enterprise that provides a market place for products designed with good intentions for the environment and society, offerings include organic foods and environmentally friendly groceries.


[Development] Hydra is a cloud-based central management system (CMS) developed for GKB Security. It allows both IP cameras and DVRs be connected to the same cloud platform for liveview, recording, and playback over web interfaces. The client interfaces can be executed on all major browsers (Firefox / Chrome / Safari / IE), as well as android mobile phones, so that users may monitor and retrieve recorded video anytime, anywhere.


[Development] YoohoFarm is an electronic commerce (EC) site for various farm produces, and games are YoohoFarm's approach to outreach customers. Two YoohoFarm games (fishing and shrimping) are Unity-based android games using ImonCloud as the backend.


[Development] KissBamBam is an indie Facebook social game that allows strangers to either kiss (likes) or bam (dislikes) each other on a 5 second countdown. If both persons kiss, they'll both enter a chatroom to explore common interests / friendships further. It's a Flash game that uses ImonCloud as the backend.


[Development & Hosting] GaiaSup is an API service allowing develoers to build location-based service (LBS) easier and faster. Dynamic (such as car fleet) or static (such as restaurants) spatial data can all be stored / updated / queried easily with a spatial publish / subscribe (SPS) interface.


BlackCat Club
[Development] BlackCat Club is a set of casual casino games comprising of Chinese Mahjong, slot machines, and a fishing game designed by GameSpores studio. It's a PC/web game developed with the Unity engine.


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