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We currently offer two types of services around the ImonCloud technology:

  1. Technology Consulting

    While helping people to build backend services, we’ve found that adding network or multi-user capability is an important, but often poorly done aspect. Although the costs to build client-side software keep getting lower, the knowledge and experience required to build reliable servers is still quite high. Most small teams or developers therefore do not have a server strategy until it is too late or too costly to implement.

    For example, almost all game revenues in China come from networked games, as it is too easy to pirate single-player (non-online) games, yet most indie game developers rarely attempt to design networked games for their first project (or even second, third projects).

    We provide technology consulting to companies or startups in need for a good, secure, reliable, and scalable server. The consulting service includes everything from consultation to coding, debugging, testing, documentation writing, or anything related to developing the required backend based on ImonCloud. Our work is charged on a timed basis (a minimum of two-weeks, or a single Sprint). This will help teams or companies to build a custom server without having to hire, train, or maintain relevant engineers. After the consultation work, unless otherwise agreed, our clients get to keep and own any codebase that is not part of ImonCloud, while owning a commercial ImonCloud license.

  2. Operation Support

    For businesses interested to run and operate their own cloud, we provide operational support for servers running on ImonCloud. The servers will run and maintained by us at the quality of service (QoS) level specified by the clients. This will save the client's development time and/or the need to build their own support team for running server operations. We charge operational fee on a monthly basis (which includes on-going ImonCloud license and support).


If you're in need of either technology consulting or operational support, please feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!


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