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The Summit Kilimanjaro

In Oct. 2013, Imonology attended the WebSummit Conference at Dubin, Ireland.

Out of 10,000 attendees and 900 global startups, we were the only team from Taiwan.

The following year, we were chosen as one of the 200 candidates (among 2,000) to enter WebSummit's Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking contest, to hike the highest mountain in Africa with some distinguished entrepreneurs.

It would have been a rare chance for us to represent the Taiwanese / Asian startup connecting with the international startup scene.

Although we weren't entered as one of the 50 finalists, it was a great learning experience for us and we appreciated all the support from friends and families. Thank you very much and we appreciated your help!

For record keeping, we're showing the 1-minute video made for entering the contest that explains the philosophy of our company.

ps. apologies for the video quality. All footage and editing were done within a 2-day deadline, using cellphone and amateur skillset, by co-founder Shun-Yun and team, while he was looking after his wife and daughter in a post-delivery maternity center。


2013 年 10 月,愛爾蘭都伯林舉辦了全球網創界的盛會 WebSummit。 全球來了 10,000 多人及 900 多家網創公司 (startup)。


次年 (2014) 意門獲選參加和一群創業家去爬非洲最高峰吉力馬札羅山的徵選.

我們有幸從 2,000 多位報名者中被選為前 200 名具第二輪資格的徵選者. 其中前 50 名將有機會進入第三輪徵選。

雖然後來我們未進入下一輪,這仍是個非常有意義的學習,我們也得到許多親友的支持及祝福。 我們十分感謝大家的幫忙! :) 為了留下紀錄,我們在此分享當初為了參加徵選製作的 1 分鐘理念短片。

ps. 請見諒影片品質,所有拍攝及剪輯都是在兩天期限內,共同創辦人舜元在月子中心陪老婆及大女兒之餘,和意門團隊用零星時間,用手機及業餘能力趕製出的。


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